LUNCH Trade Show, London, UK

Meet the creatives dictating the look and flavours behind food and drinks you mindlessly purchase and consume on-the-go.

London’s the innovative centre of all things take-away and food-to-go. At least that’s my conclusion after spending Sept 21-22 at LUNCH inside the Business Design Centre.

As a start-up superfood company owner, I was in dire need of innovation and differentiation in this cutting edge world. But instead, I left the trade show wanting to open 50 different new businesses all inspired by the tools, equipment, and concepts I witnessed at LUNCH. Distracting? Yes. Regrets? Zero. My head is still buzzing.

Among my favourites:

Mighty Bee’s Coconut Jerky – a vegan take on jerky served in three flavours: Spicy BBQ, Teriyaki, and Chocolate Hazelnut (codeword: Nutella)

Pop-up cook space: A design team willing to make all your Instagram dreams come true. This company creates pop-up cooking spaces for chef demos, cooking shows, corporate team building sessions, or just bloggers wanting a more posh feel to their demos (the possibilities are endless).

Hippeas: The most delicious feel-good/taste-good organic chickpea puffs currently on the market. And thank your lucky stars, they’ve just signed with Starbucks. Looking at you America.




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